William is Bringing Tracy Home

As a young kid moving from the crowded East Bay to the wide-open fields of the Central Valley, I was nervous about the friends I would make, the schools I would attend, and the community I would join. But after spending the last sixteen years playing at the Sports Complex, hanging out with friends at Lincoln Park, spending weekends around Downtown, and meeting people with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, I have never been more proud to call Tracy home. 


This community, with all its opportunities for living, learning, and growing, empowered me to graduate from Kimball High School and study at UCLA, one of the nation’s best universities. Because of this, I have always dreamed that someday, I would return and give back to Tracy. 

In 2017, I had my first taste of public service, winning the Comcast Fellowship and working as an aide to Assembly member Susan Talamantes Eggman. My proudest achievement was helping Assemblymember Eggman pass legislation to get ValleyLink off the ground. Inspired by ValleyLink’s success, I spent another year staffing nonprofits in Washington D.C., where I learned the ins and outs of lawmaking, public service, and economic development.


Once I graduated with my B.A. in Political Science, I was hired as the Legislative Assistant at Equality California. There, I negotiated with high-ranking legislators, grassroots activists, and everyday citizens to pass two important bills: SB 918, which helps homeless youths move off the streets and into shelters; and AB 2504, which vastly improved training for peace officers.

Now, I am a Legislative Analyst for Lighthouse Public Affairs, one of the West Coast’s top political research and advocacy firms. I have helped Kia Motors and several other top California businesses adapt to the COVID-19 economy. I also have worked to advance the reproductive health of women across California, especially women living in rural and racially diverse communities. My proudest achievement has been partnering with lawmakers and activists to pass over a dozen key housing bills, which have boosted tenant protections, increased California’s affordable housing stock, and cut red tape for better property development.

I have worked as hard as I can and learned as much as I can — all with the dream of giving back to Tracy. If you elect me as Council member, I promise to use my years of policy making experience to lead our town through this pandemic and towards better days. 


After all, we deserve to return to our roots as a great city, full of promise, innovation, and energy. We deserve leadership that will bring Tracy home. I hope you can join me on this mission, and please feel free to share your ideas, concerns, and thoughts!


William Muetzenberg