From Tracy, For Tracy

I grew up playing at the Sports Complex, hanging out with friends at Lincoln Park, spending weekends around Downtown, and meeting people with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. I grew up proud to call Tracy home.

That's why when I graduated from Kimball High and then UCLA, I dedicated myself to a life of public service.

I started as a staffer for Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman. My proudest achievement was helping Assemblymember Eggman secure funding to get ValleyLink off the ground. Inspired by this victory, I went on to work for nonprofits across Washington D.C., Nevada, and California, where I learned how to create good jobs, make smart investments, and work across the aisle to make a real difference.

For example, while working at Equality California, one of the nation's top civil rights organizations, I negotiated with high-ranking legislators, community leaders, and everyday citizens to pass two important bills: SB 918, which empowers homeless youths to escape the streets and receive real help; and AB 2504, which equipped police officers with the training and resources necessary to better serve diverse communities.

After those successes, I worked with Kia Motors and several other top businesses continue building jobs in California even during the chaos of the pandemic. I also helped pass over a dozen major housing bills, which have protected tenants from unfair evictions and rent hikes, increased the production of housing that working families can afford, and cut red tape for small businesses.

Now, I am a program manager at Public Health Advocates. In this position, I form deep connections with various neighborhoods to design policies for environmental improvement and economic development. From there, I tap into federal, state, and private grants in order to make those policies into a reality. That way, our region can be a more healthy and prosperous home for our families all without costing us any additional tax dollars.

Still, there is so much more that I want to give back to our community. Having lived here for twenty years, I know far too well that the cost of living has skyrocketed, that our local economy has slowed down, and that our commutes are only becoming more unbearable. We deserve a City Council that finally turns things around.

As your City Councilmember, I will use my experience and energy to fight for the changes that we need.

After all, Tracy has always been a city full of promise, innovation, and hope. Regardless of your race, religion, identity, or ideology, we must unite to move overcome these hard times and build the future that we deserve.

Let's bring Tracy together!


William Muetzenberg