Overcome the Pandemic

COVID-19 has ravaged our communities. We cannot wait for Washington or Sacramento to act. As your Council member, my immediate goal will be stopping COVID’s spread, especially by:

  • Working with health care providers to establish more testing sites, so people don’t have to sacrifice hours of their time waiting in line;

  • Protecting our families from eviction and foreclosure, so we will not have to worry about homelessness on top of every other terrible problem; and

  • Collaborating with county and state agencies to keep homeless families off our streets, safely quarantining them in motels with minimal use of Tracy tax dollars.


My plan for our economic recovery will help our local entrepreneurs and employees bounce back better than ever before. I will:

  • Secure as much state and federal stimulus money as possible, using my policy making expertise to hold politicians in Sacramento and DC accountable;

  • Stabilize our struggling businesses in the short term by helping them receive state and federal grants, tax breaks, and other relief funds;

  • Strengthen our economy in the long term through innovative and cost-effective policies, such as small business loans and incentives, WiFi access for our students and workers, and mixed-use zoning to revive areas like the Tracy Outlets and West Valley Mall.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Tracy residents can no longer afford to sit for hours in their vehicles just to work or have fun. Our city needs transit infrastructure that will reduce traffic, minimize air pollution, and promote both our physical and our economic health. As one of the fastest growing communities in the state, Tracy must work with our neighboring cities, as well as the state and federal governments, to help residents travel with freedom and ease. As your Council member, I will: 

  • Ensure that the Valley Link project finishes on schedule, using my legislative experience to fight for state and federal funding;

  • Modernize and revitalize Tracer service, so youths and senior citizens alike will safely and efficiently access Tracy’s businesses; and

  • Partner with state agencies, the federal government, and local businesses to invest in parking structures, bike lanes, and other projects that will boost Tracy’s economy.

Resolve Our Housing Crisis

Tracy can no longer focus solely on constructing large single-family houses that many young professionals cannot afford. With our city’s cost of living increasing and squeezing more households out of their homes, we need to shift gears. We need a robust housing plan to ensure that everyone can afford to call Tracy home. As your Council member, I will:

  • Promote the development of duplexes, ADUs, infills, and other low-cost homes, so senior citizens, local workers, and first-time home buyers can call Tracy home;

  • Cut red tape for mixed-use and transit-oriented development, which will relieve our housing crisis and revitalize our small businesses; and

  • Work with the state and federal governments to effectively invest in new, more affordable housing development in the long run.

Solve Homelessness

I know far too many friends and neighbors who have experienced homelessness through no fault of their own. Homeless people must be treated as humans who need an extra hand to stability, independence, and wellness. Relying on police officers to somehow solve this crisis by themselves actually wastes their resources and our tax dollars, so it is time for us to rise to the challenge with compassion and common sense. To help the over 155 individuals experiencing homelessness in our city, I will: 

  • Utilize county, state, and federal funds to develop transitional housing for our homeless population, so they stay out of streets and parks while getting the care they need;

  • Partner with social workers and faith leaders to devise safe solutions to homelessness, mental illness, and other social ills, thus letting our police focus more on serious crimes;

  • And create private-public partnerships to develop tiny homes, trailers, and other inexpensive measures for sheltering homeless families.

Fight Fires & Pollution

Environmental issues cause wildfires, water shortages, and smog so bad that our kids grow up with asthma and allergies. Luckily, green policies aren’t just good for the Earth — they’re great for our bottom line, and even better for our children’s future. As your Council member, I will: 

  • Invest in a new generation of nature parks and energy-efficient buildings, which will boost economic activity and reduce maintenance spending;

  • Support our transition to East Bay Community Energy, a public utility that provides safer, cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable service than PG&E;

  • And work closely with the South County Fire Authority to improve vegetation management, prevent brush fires, and improve air quality and safety.