A Fresh Vision For Tracy


An Economy Based in the Valley, not the Bay

We shouldn’t have to drive to the Bay for fulfilling careers or for a fun night out. We need our City Council to invest in us. One opportunity is already on our doorstep. For years, Sutter has promised to build a second medical center right across from Kimball High, which would bring in a huge number of union jobs, pipeline local students towards medical careers, and make our healthcare more accessible and reliable.

I have the skills and networks to finally make this hospital a reality, and I won't stop there. With your support, I will work with local entrepreneurs and labor unions to make it easier to get a business license, help small businesses grow in our community, and finally transform Tracy into an economic powerhouse.


Less Traffic, More Transit

Everyone agrees: commute times and gas prices are too darn high. I will fight to finish ValleyLink on time, expand Tracer bus service to San Joaquin businesses, and invest in more parking structures and bike lanes.

Because I have the expertise necessary to secure federal, state, and county funds, these smart investments will save us money at the pump and get us more connected to our local community and economy, all without imposing unnecessary taxes.


Build Neighborhoods that we can afford

Expensive new houses are popping up like no tomorrow, but burdensome regulations prevent our families from living in homes most folks can actually afford. I will cut this red tape and enable the responsible development of condominiums, apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and ADUs. That way, everyone, from teachers and firefighters to senior citizens and first-time homebuyers, can live inside the Triangle.


Real Solutions to Homelessness

I know far too many friends and neighbors who have been trapped in the vicious cycles of homelessness, especially after all the struggles of the COVID pandemic. At the same time, I have met hundreds of local residents with valid concerns about their families' safety. Almost everyone agrees that homeless people should be getting help in shelters and homes, not suffering alone in parks or alleyways.

As your City Councilmember, I will constantly push our county and state agencies to give Tracy's homeless shelter enough rehabilitation resources, as well as to develop tiny homes and other proven methods for helping homeless families.

I will also partner with local agencies, social workers, and faith leaders to directly help Tracy families who are struggling with poverty, mental illness, and drug abuse, so they can avoid homelessness in the first place. After all, the more suffering we can prevent, the more our police can focus on serious crimes.


A greener, safer, and Happier Community

Every year, Tracy is threatened by wildfires and water shortages. Luckily, green policies aren’t just good for the Earth — they make our homes more valuable, our businesses more attractive, and our children more happy! Let's start by investing in a new generation of nature parks, which will boost economic activity, do wonders for our environment, and get our kids to spend more time outdoors. We can save millions by investing in energy- and water-efficient buildings, too. I also plan to work with our city and county's fire agencies to improve vegetation management, prevent brush fires, and boost benefits for our brave firefighters.